To: Online business owners & marketers who prefer to get rich smart,

“How to Make Absurd Amounts of Money
From Your Online Business Doing Nothing.

“Imagine discovering how you can do virtually nothing at all
when it comes to figuring out how to sell your products or services…
…and still make truckloads of profits, accumulating amounts
that disgust your friends anytime you feel like it?

Dear friend,

Imagine what would would happen if you could know of a ‘stock’ so reliable, that every penny you put into it would get spitted back out several times more than before each time – every time?

Imagine if you could make sitting back, relaxing and checking the number of orders you receive each day your entire work routine?

Imagine if you could, literally, abuse this system as many times as you want?

What if you could?

What if within a year from now, you could’ve fulfilled everything above and would’ve have the power to afford:

  • A new [fill in most current dream car] of yours (You have many choices: Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Maserati, Lamborghini, etc.)
  • The dream-home you’ve wanted to own
  • Your children’s exclusive education fees
  • Sumptuous meals every day, that not one day goes by without you or your family paying gratitude for what fills your stomachs
  • The status quo you’d like to maintain, including having the choice to pamper yourself to fashionable attires that fit the time and trend – giving little thought to their price tags
  • And much, much more (up to your choice really)?

If you like what you’re reading, then you’re in for a big surprise:

Succeed at Robbing

Today, if you would like to hire a copywriter who knows hows to ‘break the banks and bring in hard-cold bags of cash in for you’ – chances are you’d have to first break a hole in your own bank.

Here’s why:

Elite copywriters know what they’re doing.

The investment you’ve shelled out for these best-of-the-best can make a simple difference between you getting a sales copy which converts at 1% or way above 3%.

To describe it better – the difference between the conversion could result in you:

  • Achieving your financial goals within 3 easy months – or 3/4s of an annoying, frustrating and stressful year (wasting precious time is just plain silly won’t you agree)
  • Owning 3 luxury hot-wheels instead of 1 (Wouldn’t it be nice to bust in anywhere with your choice car of the day – all depending on your mood?)
  • Owning 3 different homes in 3 different countries instead of 1, & etc? (you get the drill)

If you’re reading this letter, you’re mostly a busy businessman and want to get to where you want fast.

So I’m keeping the rest of this offer short.

By hiring me to craft your sales copy, you’re virtually buying yourself an exclusive ticket to join the top 1% of the world’s most successful online business owners in enjoying a luxurious life as a result of your very, classy act of effective delegation.

All you’re going to invest is a flat rate of $1000 for any type of long form sales copy (anything above 3 pages), $450 for short sales copy (less than 3 pages) and $250 for squeeze page copy (1 page) written by me.

And that’s only if you act fast, because only 3-4 lucky clients usually get accepted each month before my schedule is tied-up for that period of time.

If you think that long term, massive success matters to you,

Then Don’t Wait. The Clock Is Ticking. Act now.

To get started, please kindly send me an email with your e-mail subject titled: “Time to Work” to with a short description about your business and product.

If everything looks fine, I’ll send you a quote with its deadline. Once you agree to proceed, I’ll demand for half pay up front before work starts. Another half you’ll have to fulfill when I send you the final draft on the deadline – additional changes are done without extra if the request is fair.

It’s that simple. Just remember that the clock is always ticking, so it’s naturally wise for you to request for a quote immediately after finishing the next two sentences.

I’ll be expecting business with you.

Thanks, and talk soon.

Seth Chong

P.S. I know you like reading what I write – but get your quote already. See you on the email side.

Seth Chong
Personal cell-phone #:
+6 012 205 3345

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Sample #4: “SelfDefense”
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